National Key Laboratory on Operation and Control of Renewable Energy and Energy Storage

The main part of National Key Laboratory on Operation and Control of Renewable Energy and Energy Storage is located in Zhangbei County, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province. Some of its experimental resources are located in Changping District in Bejing City and Gulou District in Nanjing City. Founded in 2015 upon the approval of Ministry of Science and Technology, the Laboratory is in the charge of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission under the State Council and is jointly operated and managed by New Energy Research Center and Energy Storage and Electrotechnics Department under China Electric Power Research Institute. The Laboratory is the only test base in the world that has the capacity of wind turbines full performance test and research on wind-optical storage united operation technology.

Aiming to make new energy "predictable, controllable and schedulable", the Laboratory focuses on tackling tough issues in application foundation and pre-competition generality in three research directions: numerical simulation of new energy resources and generation power prediction, renewable energy integration security and stability mechanism and intelligent control, and renewable energy and energy storage optimized scheduling and risk prevention. Meanwhile, it devotes to establishing scientific research system of large-scale renewable energy and energy storage operation control, performing R&D of core operation control equipment and systems, making power generation with renewable energy be predictable, controllable and schedulable, promoting the conversion of power generation with new energy from the role of "auxiliary power supply" to "main power supply", and ushering in and promoting the progress in renewable energy and energy storage technology and industrial upgrading.

By means of independent R&D and equipment customization, etc., the Laboratory has created advanced scientific research and test facilities, including Zhangbei Wind Power Test Base, energy storage laboratory, solar power laboratory, and numerical weather forecast center, thus providing a solid foundation for technological innovation and progress. Zhangbei Wind Power Test Base is the most typical one. Covering an area of 24 square kilometers, it is equipped with 30 wind turbines testers, 4 testing wind turbines, 2.5MW advanced battery energy storage system, 0.64MW photovoltaic power generation system, wind-optical storage united operation platform, real-time wind power monitoring system, analog hybrid simulation platform as well as core test equipment for base--fixed voltage drop generator, power grid disturbance generating device, comprehensive test data acquisition and management system and other facilities. It can carry out search and test on integration performance of 30 6MW (or below) wind turbines.