National Solar Power Generation R&D (Test) Center

National Solar Power Generation R&D (Test) Center is located in Nanjing Campus of China Electric Power Research Institute. It was established upon the approval of National Energy Administration in September 2009 and was put into operation in July 2010. The Center is in the charge of National Development and Reform Commission and is operated and managed by Renewable Energy Research Center of China Electric Power Research Institute. It is also an important part of Assessment Center of National Energy Photovoltaic Power Generation Equipment and State Key Laboratory of New Energy and Energy Storage Operation Control, specializing in the certification of solar power products and services by bond of CLP Sapp Certification Center of China Electric Power Research Institute.

The Center commits itself to tackling technical problems in the integration application of China's large-scale solar power grid, performing further research on key technology for solar power generation integrated into power grid, cultivating testing and detecting abilities, and establishing photovoltaic power grid standard system, so as to provide technical support for the industrial development. Its service covers different fields of photovoltaic application, photovoltaic cell components, inverters and energy storage elements.

The Center has established a photovoltaic product integration testing platform with the largest testing capacity in the world, the first photovoltaic power station site integration test platform in the world, photovoltaic power station power-generating performance evaluation platform that covers the whole life cycle, and photovoltaic power generation simulation test platform. With its CNAS and CMA testing qualifications covering 46 standards and a total of 538 items in the new energy field, the Center can provide integration full-performance testing service for key devices and systems in photovoltaic, photothermal and energy storage fields, etc.