Does A Plant Based Lifestyle Provide You With The Nutrients That You Need?

A plant based lifestyle is one of the fastest growing and most popular lifestyles in the world today and it is fast becoming one of the biggest food revolutions that world has ever known. However, some people raise the concern of whether a plant based lifestyle and diet is truly sufficient for us to survive. The answer is yes. A person can not only survive on a plant based diet but they can thrive and live far healthier lives than their meat eating counter parts provided they have a basic idea on what to eat and how to eat. The sad reality is that the school education system does not provide children with a sound nutritional foundation and therefore the world knows nothing about the food and the substances that they put in to their body. This is partly why dangerous chain companies such as Kentucky Fried Chicken and McDonald’s have thrived for so many years because false advertising and lies have taken control of human minds while they know nothing about real nutrition and the dangers of fast food. 

Big industries lose money if the world becomes healthy

The only reason that most people believe that we cannot survive on a plant-based diet is because false advertising by big corporations and industries have clouded their judgment and lack of education combined with this clouded judgment on the subject makes us easily believe this false advertising. Even if we are too busy to eat a nutritious meal every day, there are still various vegan and gluten free protein powder that can be added to any plant based meal to boost its nutrition and give us the protein we need for the day.

However, we do not need to add super powders for smoothies in to our food if we make an effort to simply eat a clean whole food diet every day. These things are made only for those who do not have the chance to eat clean and healthy. Look at here now if you are looking for the perfect super powder store.

Although many people do not realize it, the truth is that there are many big corporations and industries that have a lot to lose from the world becoming healthy and switching to a plant-based diet. The first and most obvious of these industries is the meat industry and the dairy industry that will lose millions of dollars if people stop buying meat and dairy. In fact, this is already happening around the world with the dairy industry and the meat industry slowly collapsing in on itself as the world switches to a healthier, cleaner lifestyle and diet.